What is a Community Group?

Community groups are groups of 6-12 people who meet together in one another’s homes.  Community groups exist so that members of the group might apply God’s word in the context of community. A community group is a place where God’s word meets our everyday lives. It is the “lab” so to speak where we seek to apply and obey God’s word.

What Happens in a Community Group?

While each group may be slightly different, each group will spend time getting to know one another through time given for casual conversation as well as structured group activities/studies There will also be time given for prayer requests.

Why should I join a community group?

We believe that the biggest changes in our lives happen in the context of
relationships. Proverbs 27:17 says, “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.” Community groups provide us with an opportunity to go beyond “surface level” relationships to build meaningful relationships with one another. Joining a community group means being a part of a team of people who are committed to
growing closer to Jesus together. Your community group is the group of people that you go to battle with, a group of people that you will care for, a group that will
be there for you when you are struggling.

How do I join a community group?

If you would like to join a community group or have questions please reach out to pastor Matt by email at pastormattihope@pm.me or call/text 803-5433.